Dr. Anurag Sharma is an adjunct senior research fellow at Centre for Health Economics, Monash Business School and currently working as senior lecturer at UNSW, Sydney.  He obtained PhD in Economics from the Australian National University, Canberra. His  research is mainly focussed on answering policy questions regarding:

i) supply and demand side of healthcare management  such as  modelling hospital choice,  tackle overcrowding in Emergency Departments, role of elective surgery waiting times in private hospital utilisation and hospital behaviour under activity based funding

ii)  health promotion policies and behavioural change: Impact of taxing sugar sweetened beverages on different income groups, body weight and obesity; Impact of alcohol taxation policies on alcohol consumption

iii) public health issues in low income settings: Program evaluation to improve maternal and child health (Nepal),  improving nutritional status of children (India), modelling chronic diseases (Mongolia), relationship between poverty and  nutrition (India).

Dr. Sharma’s research involves rigorous applied methods using large and complex datasets. He has been lead CI on one ARC Discovery grant and  worked on several consultancy based research contracts including for OECD.  He currently supervises two PhD students as main supervisor and two as associate supervisor.