Dr Kristian Rotaru is a decision scientist working across the disciplines of accounting, finance, and operations management. He obtained his first PhD in Economics from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and his second PhD in Information Systems/Risk Management, GradCertEd and GradDipPsych degrees from Monash University.

He holds the position of the Member of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Operations Management. From 2015 to 2017, he served as Vice Present of the Melbourne Chapter of the Australian Society for Operations Research (ASOR).

At Monash Business School, Kristian leads the cross-disciplinary research team that focuses on the integration of normative research informed by analytical and simulation modelling methods and descriptive research, informed by laboratory experiments.

In his research, he adopts a variety of research methods, including market data analysis, conceptual, analytical and simulation modelling and laboratory experiments (involving the use of eye-tracking, cognitive pupillometry, electrodermal activity assessment, electrocardiography and electroencephalography technologies).

His latest research focuses on the role of effective decision making in everyday economic behaviours and involves the study of emotions and their interactions with cognitive processing using brain imaging (measuring the response of central nervous system) and psychophysiological techniques (measuring the response of the peripheral nervous system).

In June 2018, he was presented with the Commonwealth Bank Award for Financial Wellbeing at the BX2018 conference for his research on behavioural interventions associated with developing financial skills training schemes. Kristian lectures Business Analytics, Accounting Information Systems and Financial Modelling units.