Kym Brown is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Banking and Finance and teaches across a number of banking and international finance-related subjects including international banking and finance. She holds a PhD from Monash University.

Kym’s research interests include banking, bank efficiency, Islamic finance, and developing country finance. Current working papers are in the areas of trust and sustainability of cryptocurrencies, future forms of money, ethics in finance education, inequality with reference to Piketty, the use of advertising in Islamic banking, Chinese bank efficiency, and financial development leading to economic growth.

She has published a number of articles related to Islamic finance and bank efficiency in Asia, China or GCC regions in publications such as Pacific Basin Finance Journal, International Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money. Many of her papers published in the Pacific Basin Finance Journal have regularly appeared in the most downloaded articles for that journal.

Kym also lectured in postgraduate accounting and finance at the Suzhou campus in China. She gained a 2017 Faculty Grant for Advancing Women and attended a World Bank conference in Washington D.C. about developing country finance. Her research has won some best paper awards at conferences and a paper with a former PhD student, Dr Yen Nguyen, was presented at the prestigious 2017 American Economic Association conference in Orlando.