Dr Mita Bhattacharya’s major research areas are in Energy Economics, Sustainability,  Applied Industrial Organisation and International Trade.

She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals including in Energy Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organisation, International Journal of Production Economics, World Economy, Review of Industrial Organisation and in Applied Energy.

Mita has held visiting positions in the Australian National University, Curtin University, Doshisha University, University of East Anglia and in the OECD. Mita has received numerous internal grants and external grants from the Australian Research Council, Tyre Australia and National Science Council (Taiwan).

She is the recipient of the annual award in 2017 from the Applied Energy Society for her research on renewable energy sources. Her focus on inter-disciplinary research has extended collaborations with Engineering Faculty.

Before joining Monash, Mita has taught at the University of Tasmania and at the University of New Castle. Mita is the Course Director of Masters Program in Economics at Monash.