Rob J Hyndman is a Professor of Statistics and Head of the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics.

His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. He is an accredited statistician with the Statistical Society of Australia.

Rob has researched and consulted with a wide range of business, industry and government clients. His most recent work includes demand forecasting for the electricity industry, estimating life expectancy for the Australian indigenous population, and forecasting the national health budget.

He has held academic positions at Monash University, the University of Melbourne, Australian National University and Colorado State University. He is currently a director of the International Institute of Forecasters, editor-in-chief of International Journal of Forecasting and director of the Business and Economic Forecasting Unit in the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University.

He is an elected member of the International Statistical Institute and a member of the International Institute of Forecasters, International Association for Statistical Computing, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, American Statistical Association and the Statistical Society of Australia.

Rob has received several awards for his research including the 2007 Moran Medal from the Australian Academy of Science. He has also been a recipient of the Dean’s Award for excellence in innovation and external collaboration (2010), the HP Innovation Research Award (2010), the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Supervision (2008) and the Dean’s award for excellence in research (2008).

Rob’s research interests include forecasting, time series analysis, statistical computing, and computational demography. He has also supervised more than 25 PhD and Masters students, with current projects including forecasting functional data, non-Gaussian time series models, hierarchical forecasting, nonparametric smoothing of age-period-cohort structures.