Dr Vivien Chen obtained her law degree with honours from the Australian National University. Having worked as a solicitor in commercial legal practice, she completed her Master’s degree in law at the University of Malaya. She published a book on self-dealing by company directors based on her Master’s thesis.

Vivien’s PhD research is in the area of shareholder protection law.  She was awarded the best paper prize at the Corporate Law Teachers Association conference in 2013 and 2018 and has published several journal articles from her PhD research.

Prior to commencing her role as a lecturer in the Department of Business Law and Taxation, she was a teaching associate in the department and a research assistant at the Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne. She has previously held an academic position at an overseas university.

Her publications include co-authored articles on Australian corporations law, cross-border cooperation in financial regulation in the ASEAN Economic Community, and personal insolvency.  She is currently involved in collaborative research on corporate governance and gender.